Sharp 40″ Full HD TV

369.00 269.00

An all round masterpiece in TV entertainment Made by Sharp in collaboration with Harman Kardon, makers of premium sound equippment.

Premium Home Entertainment Designed, Developed and Fully Made by Sharp.

harman/kardon® sound
A great picture needs great sound. That’s why all Sharp TVs (32“ and above) come with specifically designed integrated sound systems by harman/kardon for a true cinematic experience.

Active Motion 100

Conventional led displays (LED) reproduce blurry movements. Active Motion effectively sharpens moving pictures by creating additional frames with its powerful GPU and using high-speed LED panels.

.HEVC/ h.265

With this newest video codec your TV is ready for the new broadcasting standards.

.DTS Tru Surround

DTS creates virtual surround sound for a cinematic audio experience. Together with the built-in harman/kardon speaker system you will enjoy immersive sound right out of the box – no extra hardware needed.


Easily record your favourites programs or movies from built in digital tuners of your TV on external USB sticks or hard disk drives.


Connect all your digital audio/video devices like Blu-ray players, digital set-top-boxes or advanced game consoles to your TV.


  • Elegant Design and eye catching design
  • Active Motion 100 Engine
  • A+ Eco Efficiency
  • Full Range Speakers + Silk Tweeters + Woofer built in by Harman Kardon
  • Dolby Digital, Digital+, DTS Studio Sound surround
  • Triple Tuners (Go/Melita/Satelite) with Latest HEVC.265
  • x3 HDMI, X3 USB, HDMI ARC, Scart connection & more