Bestron 3 in 1 Air Cooler + Air Purifier + Air Humidifier

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With the Bestron Mulifunction Air Cooler +Air Purifier + Air Humidifier you are guaranteed a cooler paradise during the hot summer days. A New Concept by Bestron which has proved to be the biggest seller and rightly so – It is a cost effective, silent relief from the unbearable heat during the peak season. The Concept Company – Bestron delivers to you a simpler way of keeping cool and better circulation of air for Summer. Although keeping cool is not enough especially during the hot summer months. This revolutionary product purifys and cleans the air and is guaranteed to lower your bills.

A New Concept by Bestron which has proved to be the biggest seller and rightly so – It is a low cost, silent relief from the unbearable heat during the peak season while at the same time an efficient solution for cleaner air. The Concept Company – Bestron delivers to you a simpler way of keeping cool and better circulation of air, a more clean environment both outside and inside and lower energy bills during summer.

  • How it works

It is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill the large 4.5 litre tank with cold water and then enjoy up to 7 hours of cool constant air. You can even fill the tank with ice or use a freezer pack to cool the air even further. The 3 speed fan and directional louvers deliver an even level of cooling, while the built-in air filter cleans the air.

  • Advanced Cooling Technology and Cleaner Air

Industry leading honeycomb cooling system that expels a powerful stream of cool air and water vapour, cooling your room far more efficiently and environmentally friendly than traditional air conditioners.

Healthy air with Air Purification, cooled down and humidified air, so as to breathe freely. In addition to the cooling function the integrated air filter removes dust and animal hair from the room air. Sensitive individuals and allergy sufferers can benefit from this all year.

  • Low Energy Consumption, Low Enery bills

Lower in  power consumption than a light bulb, the Bestron Air Cooler is guaranteed to lower bills during those hot summer months. The beauty of this air cooler is that it generates a steady stream of cold air through evaporation, which unlike conventional air conditioners doesn’t require the need for a window vent kit or any permanent installation. It works by blowing evaporating cold water, giving you a cool fresh feeling. This stylish, portable model is ideal for cooling a person or personal area within a home or office. The product is also very silent, even more silent than a traditional fan.

  • Low Noise Levels

Well-suited for the bedroom, this portable air cooler has very low sound level decibels in Quiet mode for quiet comfort during the night.

  • Ease of use – all year round even in Winter

The bestron Air Cooler is a compact solution providing focused spot cooling in the immediate area around the cooler. Roll it near your bed for a comfortable cool breeze during the night, or roll it into the living room to cool you as you watch TV. With 3-in-1 functions, this model can be used year-round, providing cooling during warm summer days while you purify the air from dust and bacteria when the allergy season arrives, you can also humidify the air when the air is dry, this is also helps in your well being.

Even in the cold season the Bestron air cooler helps to create a better room climate. As soon as you turn on the heating, the humidity level decreases significantly. This irritates the respiratory system and affects your well-being. To counteract this effect you can use the Bestron as humidifier without air cooling and savor the optimally humidified breathing air.

  • Portable and Easy to Store

With very compact dimensions it is very easy to store. Pre-assembled and fitted with 4 easy-roll castor wheels that allow the air cooler to be easily moved from room to room

  • 5 Year Gurantee

A product of outstanding quality and reliability that comes with a 5 year guarantee for added peace of mind


  • Improvement of the indoor climate through 3 functions: Air Cooling, Air Purifying and Humidifying
  • Evaporative technology for a natural and healthy airflow with honeycomb cooling
  • Equipped with washable air purifying filter
  • Carbon Dust Filter washes under a faucet for easy maintenance – No replacement filters needed
  • Easy to use: fill with water, turn on and you’re ready!
  • Visible window on the front side help you see water level conveniently and clearly
  • 3 Speeds: low – medium – high
  • 3 Modes: normal – natural – sleep
  • Auto switch-off with timer (max. 8 hours)
  • Oscillating Louvers design function with auto left-right swing in 120°  swing for a larger range to evenly spread cool air for a wider area
  • 100% copper motor, greater quality, safety and reliabilty
  • Removable 4.5 liter water reservoir for up to 20 hours of continuous use
  • Cable winding for extra-long 1.6m power cord
  • Easy to move through 4 rugged wheels
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage
  • Remote control included