Billow Urban 65 Electric Scooter Black and Red edition

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The URBAN65 Electric Scooter has been created to circulate around the city in a comfortable, safe and fast way avoiding pollution of the environment and giving you an easy, maintenance free, no cost mode of transportation. In addition, it can be folded quickly and easily, making it ideal to accompany you on all urban trips. It can circulate at 24Km / h, and its large battery. The future is here and you can shape up the future with this best selling Electric Scooter by European brand, Billow.

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Feel free, save money and improve the quality of life of you and everyone around you.

The future is here with the Urban 65 Electric Scooter by Billow. It is ideal for Traveling around the city and takes up very little space to store at home. The frame is aluminium so it will be very easy to transport.

We have long seen the benefits of mobility on two wheels and Billow has begun to develop affordable transport solutions, low maintenance and affordable to the general public.

They do not pollute, they arrive fast and they get you anywhere

The 6.5 URBAN65x scooter that does not pollute and is respectful with the environment. The engine power is 250W and has a heavy duty rechargeable LG battery. It contains an electric brake and a manual emergency rear one.

Enjoy a range of 12km based on 50kg. load and includes Front and Rear LED LIGHTs. Includes Full-Colour multifunction LED display that will indicate your speed, battery level and kilometers traveled.

Stylish Colour display

The Urban65 includes a colour display that will give you information about the speed, kilometers. The maximum speed reached is 24km / h. Perfect to travel the distance between home and work or make your purchases thanks to the hitch to suggest your bag.


  • Best selling Electric Scooter
  • European Brand with European Standards
  • Wheel size 6.5 inches·
  • 250 W motor power
  • Lightweight Aluminium frame
  • Maximum speed 24 km / h
  • Maximum weight supported 120kg
  • LG Rechargeable Heavy Duty Li-ion Battery 25.2V 4400mAh
  • Autonomy up to 12 km based on 50 kg load
  • Overload protection
  • Includes front and rear LED lights
  • Charging time: 180 minutes
  • Electric Emergency front brake
  • Multifunction display with speed indicator, speed level, battery level, km traveled
  • Throttle Button
  • 17º of maximum slope​