Glass Cleaning Smart Robot Cecotec Windroid 880 SprayWater


3-in-1 window robot cleaner: sprays, cleans and dries. Includes app and remote control to control the device and the liquid spray. It has 4 programs to manage the functions and the route of the robot.

Intelligent navigation, route calculation, detection of surface limits and deep cleaning thanks to the liquid spray that sprays automatically.
Control the path and spray of the robot through its App.
Choose and program the device by choosing between the 4 cleaning programs.
It has a triple safety system with uninterruptible power supply, anti-fall control algorithm and super-resistant safety rope.
It is designed to spray and dry intelligently, with its high quality eco-friendly microfiber mops.

Brand Cecotec
Color Black
Surface Recommendation Glass
controller type Control by applications
Battery Cell Composition lithium ion
Power ‎90 watts
Auto power off
product weight ‎1kg
Product dimensions: length x width x height 23 x 13.9 x 29.8 centimeters