Grundig Professional Line Vacuum Blender

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The Grundig Professional Line Vacuum Blender. Grundig is the household name for innovative and value for money products. The Professional Line Vacuum Blender is a testament to this reputation. Vacuum Blending prevents oxidation during blending and results in a fresher and tastier drink full of vitamins. High speed blending with 1000W, 23,000rpm powerful motor and 6 types of settings  (Sauce, Ice, Smoothie, Vaccum, Vaccum + Blend, Auto Clean). One look and one taste of the result and you will notice the difference.

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Blending reinvented with the Professional Line Grundig Vacuum using Vacuum and 3D blending technology

Colourful and Better blended smoothies with 6 Blade Cyclonic system for more nutrients and taste, guaranteed.

Oxidisation during the blending process can immediately decrease the nutritional value of the vitamins and minerals released from fruit and veg by exposing it to oxygen in the air. Innovative Anti Oxidation and Vacuum technology reduces oxidation by sucking out the air in the blender jug, creating a vacuum. It preserves three times the amount of vitamin C after 8 hours vs normal blending and 60% more antioxidant activity is preserved after 8 hours.

It features 6 pre-set programmes, including smoothie, sauce and vacuum, to accommodate every taste.

The generous 1.5L capacity Tritan jug makes it so easy to whip up delicious healthier treats for the whole family, with an added pulse function, helping everyone towards 1-2 of their 5 a day. There’s no need to stop there though, as this blender even allows you to blend the rest of most fruit and vegetables, skin and all, which can provide valuable nutrients that would otherwise go to waste!

Cleaning up is just as easy too, taking only seconds to not only blend, but clean with removable blades and an auto-clean programme.

The Grundig Professional Line Vacuum Blender TBV8104X has been tested by independent laboratories to support the following:

  • Vacuum blending products fewer bubbles, less foam and juice separation when compared to regular blending
  • Retains up to the following than standard blending when tested after use:
    • 40% more Vitamin C
    • 74% more Vitamin E
    • 10% more antioxidants and fibre
    • 6% less fat

Strong Tritan which is made out of copolyester and lighter than a glass jar. It does not smell or stain and is included together with a Mix and Go 700ml Travel Jug for extra added value and personality.


  • Professional Line Grundig product
  • Powerful vacuum Blender with powerful 1000 W Vacuum and 3D blending Technology
  • Before mixing, a vacuum is created in the mixing bowl. As a result, the food does not come into contact with air. The taste of the mixed ingredients is thus more intense, they retain their nutrients when mixing and stay fresh longer
  • The special Vacuum Technology prevents Oxidation
  • Up to 23,000 revolutions per minute
  • 6 pre-set programs (smoothie, ice cream sorbet, gravy, vacuum, vacuum + mix and auto clean)
  • Variable speed regulation incl. Pulse function
  • 6-blade Cyclonic Blender System
  • 6-blade Cyclonic Chopper System
  • Tritan container with 1.5 liter capacity included
  • 700 ml bottle Mix and Go bottle included
  • Thanks to the 6-fold stainless steel knives, the preparation and mixing of shakes, juices, cocktails, soups and much more succeeds in no time at all
  • High stability due to non-slip feet
  • Removable Blades
  • Helps you fulfil 1-2 of your 5 a day
  • Blend and clean in just seconds
  • Save on waste and enjoy skin and all for most fruits and vegetables
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • Colour: Dark Inox