Sharp RACTIVE Air Power Stick Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Winner of the Prestigious Red Dot Design Award the Sharp Carbon Fibre RACTIVE AIR Power Stick Pro is by far the most capable and lightweight Power Stick Vacuum Cleaner on the market. Really, we guarantee there is nothing else as professional and perfect as this.

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Innovation and Cutting Edge Technology combine to deliver a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that is Lightweight, Capable and Highly Efficient. The only Power Stick Design to be awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

Vacuum cleaning is often perceived as tedious and unexciting. To change this perception, we have developed an ultra-light cordless vacuum cleaner VW-CA1, which is remarkably convenient and easy to use due to its premium features. First, since the vacuum cleaner is cordless, it is ready for use without a necessity of plugging the cord to power supply prior to every cleaning – just grab it and switch it on. Second, the product is ultra-light due to its carbon fibre pipes which is the only such solution for vacuum cleaners. This makes it ideal for vacuuming not only carpets and floors but also hard-to-reach reach areas such as cabinet tops or high shelves, which are scarcely accessible with regular, much heavier vacuum cleaners. Third, our product is equipped with a special duster nozzle, which comes with two adjustable joints. The joints make the product bendable, hence, even more suitable for cleaning hardly accessible areas.

Power head (self-propelled power assist )

The rotating force of the brush causes the head to move forward when making contact on the floor, making it easier for you.

Deep, thorough cleaning Turbo action brush

Remove dirt and fine dust trapped deep in carpet. The motorised Turbo action brush diffuses pressure evenly for optimal adhesion. This drives the bristles deeper into the carpet to remove even the smallest dirt particles*.

Lightweight and easy to use, 1.5 kg

It uses a light and durable “dry carbon” pipe. Reduce the burden on the arm, you can clean easily in dusty heights.

Dry carbon pipe

The pipe section uses light and strong dry carbon, which is used for airplanes and rockets that require lightness and robustness. The thickness of the pipe section has been reduced to about 1/2 *, achieving significant weight reduction.

Comfortable and convenient operation modes that help you to clean more at various times of the day

With Full Power mode you will maximise the motor with more pressure to catch finer dust particles and stubborn dirt stuck on sofas or carpets. For more silence around the house – the “Silent” model suppresses the sound of the motor with one touch.

Ergonomically designed for easy use Flex Body

Easily clean those hard-to-reach spots beneath your furniture, and let the ergonomic design do the hard work. Folding up to 50 degrees to reach lower areas, it reduces strain on your wrist and back.

Advanced Cyclone Technology

Cyclone technology guarantees efficient dust collection without loss of suction of dirt particles and allergens. The innovative technology also reduces clogging of filters which guarantees a much longer service life and efficient killing of bacteria.

“Removable battery” – Unique detachment of battery only for a quick charge

Just remove the battery from the body and plug it into a charger with a quick charge circuit. You can charge easily in a short time and also saving space.

Dust and allergens in. Clean air out with theHygienic HEPA filtration

Breathe easier and reduce risk of allergic reactions. The advanced HEPA Filtration system keeps over 99.9%‡ of dust from releasing back into the air during cleaning.

Cleans deep and high Extension Crevice Tool

Remove dirt from deep crevices and high areas with ease. The Extension Crevice Tool is long and slender enough to pick up dirt in tight spaces. It also extends to reach higher, hard-to-reach areas, like the ceiling

Cleans complex areas with Combination Tool

Clean different types of surfaces thanks to the Combination Tool and convert to a dusting brush when needed. From table tops to window frames, this clever tool picks up dirt on any kind of surface that comes its way.

Unique Wipe brush from extra fine loop

A fine material brush in a fine loop is incorporated  together with an ultra fine fibre that wipes of the brushes. All this helps in cleaning more effectively and removes more dirt.

Easy maintenance after cleaning

Cleaning your vacuum is quick and hygienic with Easy Clean Technology. Remove dust, debris and even tangled long hairs without a hassle. To empty the EasyClean Dustbin, simply pull the lever and tip out the contents. The Easy Clean Brush* detaches easily from the drum for a fast clean up. Both are also easily cleaned with water.

  • Red Dot Design Award Winner
  • Known as the Professional Quick Cleaning Solution
  • Easy Cleaning due to world best in class 1,5kg ultra light weight with Carbon Pipe for extra durability
  • Added convenience cleaning with included Crevice nozzle to clean in hard to reach areas
  • Cordless operation with non stop suction capacity up to 30 minutes
  • Multi Cyclone Technology guarantees efficient Dust and Bacteria absorption
  • 2 Performance Levels
  • Unique and very effective wipe brush for for effective cleaning of various floor types